'Magadheera' completes 4 Years. Some of the Unbreakable Records

Ram Charan's BlockBuster movie "Magadheera" was released on 31st July ,2009 and completed 4 years with today.
Even now, no other films has crossed the Shares & Gross and many other records set by "Magadheera".
we have given below some of the unbreakable records created by "Magadheera".
* Magadheera has collected very huge share of more than Rs.87 crores including all versions.
* Magadheera celebrated 100 days in 223 direct centers only in AP, its all time record even now.
* Magadheera completed 50 days in 286 direct centers only in AP.
* Magadheera is the only movie which collected more than 1 crore share each in more than 14 centers. 
* Magadheera is the only film which collected more than 24 crores share in Nizam area itself.
*Still in many areas of AP, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu states Magadheera is in Top most position regarding collections.
* Magadheera is the only film to complete 50 days in 2 direct theaters each in 15 centers.


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