Mystery about Power Star’s Atharintiki Daaredhi release continues

The mystery about the release date of ‘Attarintiki Daaredi’ movie doesnt seem to be going away anytime soon.
Pawan Kalyan fans and Telugu film  lovers are waiting eagerly for the film very eagerly, but the political situation in our state is not helping matters.
Few people are saying that the producers are planning to release on September 26th.
It seems unlikely for now.
When our team asked a AD movie distributor, he said “Atharintiki Dharedhi movie will release only after  RTC buses in the state get back on to the road. Unless bus services resumes in Seemandhra region, there is no point in releasing this film”.
If buses resumes their services by the Sep 21st, there is a chance for the movie to release on Sep 26th.
Many film analysts & experts guessing that AD will definitely release in next month.
Lets wait for the official confirmation about the release date of Atharintiki Dharedhi.


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